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A common problem faced by rock climbing expeditions these days is the lack of good truck support. Hot Rock Global Challenge is the first group to embrace Big Red Truck technology and has enjoyed a significant competitive advantage both in access to new markets and cost of deployment. Big Red Truck technologies continues to innovate to bring you the very best Big Red Trucks with all the latest cost saving features you would normally associate with more expensive transportation technology. Now, more than ever, it's the colour of your truck not the grade you climb that dictates the success of your venture.
Make other climbers green with envy - GO RED!

Features Benefit
27 old coach seats, specially impregnated with two years of rock climber dirt and sweat Act as crowd control barriers in event of disquiet amongst the climbers
3 seat sin bin, in a converted luggage locker under the main body of the truck Rabble rousers can be easily isolated preventing violent coups
Bouldering wall with interchangeable holds on the back of the truck Distracts officials from examining the roadworthiness of truck
Fully equipped bar sufficient for even the most sophisticated of cocktail parties Climbers like drink and are likely to get lost if forced to find it themselves
Red spattered bull bars Easily disperses immigration and customs officials
2 tables with power outlets Stops techno geeks from bothering anyone else
Convertible roof on main body of truck Gives the truck an air of sophistication during weekend jaunts down the country
Wind powered ventilation Maintains a "keeping it real" feel especially in colder regions
6 trumpet 8 tone invader series horn specially imported from India. Endless amusement, special prizes reserved for renditions of Bohemian Rhapsody
8 lockers for "personal" gear Maintains illusion of personal property
Separate cab for driver Maintains Fi's sanity
Fancy dress gear Endless amusement for the girls as they plan embarrassing outfits for the boys


Other Stuff the Truck Carries

Up to 32 climbers Kind of necessary if you are going to do any actual climbing
Chainsaw and axe For firewood
Metal sand ladders Used for getting the truck over mud, sand and anything else it is stuck in
450 liters of water Drinking, cooking, washing
500 kilograms of food A range of the cheapest food that will sustain life
1000s of bolts and other climbing equipment Once again kind of necessary if you are actually going to climb
About a ton of spare parts Even Big Red Trucks break down

Pictures - click to enlarge
Picutre of the big red truck - hotrock global challenge
big red truck - hotrock global challenge
The Truck's discreet coloration aids camouflage

Bull bars that say "Don't mess with me" in 45 languages

Picture of the cab of the big red truck - hotrock global challenge
Photograph of a locker in the big red truck - hotrock global challenge
One of our more popular backdrops

Lockers for "personal" property
Photograph of the big red truck - hotrock global challenge in Torres del Paine
Picture of the rear of the big red truck - hotrock global challenge
The Hot Rock Global Challenge truck

Bouldering wall gives the truck a unique feel