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The Thorn Tree - Sometimes infuriating, sometimes invaluable bulletin board. If you have travel questions, you'll get answers here

The Man in Seat 61 - Trains, trains and more trains. Timetables, fares, classes and photos for railways around the world

India Mike - A more measured bulletin board, just for India

Tales of Asia - Lots of information on South East Asia, and especially the infamous Bangkok-Siem Reap road trip

The Travellers' Lounge - A UK site with some excellent trip planning resources. Round-the-world tickets demystified and other useful stuff

Rock climbing in Thailand - Simon Foley's site is the rock climbing site for Thailand

Irish Climbing Online - Lots of info on climbing in Ireland - crags, routes, weather and other resources

The Rock Pod - May's Malaysia climbing site. Nice maps & route descriptions

Yorkshire Stew's Climbing in Malaysia Site - another useful site on KL climbing, with topos

Hot Rock Global Challenge - the site for people who have or are going on Hot Rock


The Traveling Armchair - 369 days of travelogues put together very nicely

Digital Nomad - One of the most popular travelogues, includes a very good section on trip planning

Everest Travelogue - Dove21 is an Everest travelogue that also covers fluid dynamics!

Backpack with Us - Kirk and Maren detail their massive journey, good pre-trip planning section

Shutterbug Roams - A collection of travelogues and travel resources, especially geared for interliners (airline staff)

Travelogue and rock climbing during his travels - Our mate Phil muses as he travels

Vagabonding - Mike puts together a very professional site with an emphasis on video

Ian and Wendy - Two Canadians (Ian and Wendy) travel across 51 counties