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Rock climbing is our major sport. We started in about about 1999 and really haven't looked back. Unfortunately Barbara has been out of action for the last 6 months due to tendon damage. Luckily it looks like she's well on the way to full fitness, whatever that means for Barbara.

With any luck we are going to do a lot of climbing this year. We plan on scaling cliffs in each country that we visit. Unfortunately this means that we have to carry a lot of equipment. Travelling light we are not. Between us we will be hauling about 12kg of climbing gear.

So why climbing? Because it is fun. I love the way that it completely absorbs you, making it totally impossible to think of anything else - just the climbing - sometimes just the next move. Fear has everything to do with this. Every time I walk up to the start of a climb, I get scared and stay pretty scared for the whole climb, this concentrates my mind and keeps me focused. The relief at the next belay makes it all worthwhile.

Then there are the times when everything is right. Muscles pull with reassuring strength, body weight balances easily on tiny ledges and you move with confident flowing motions over the rock face. When it all comes together nothing feels as right or as natural. Your whole body and mind comes together as one unconscious climbing force. When this happens you are in a world of your own, a world that has absolutely nothing to do with what goes on in everyday life.

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