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Comedy Facial Hair Six

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Welcome to the sixth installment of Comedy Facial hair and the publication of only the outstanding and achievable request - I am sorry Trish but your Blooto does not count as achievable.

All of these were done in New Zealand, about the time we were in Rotorua. Even given the backdrop of Maori culture and facial tatoos I still got more than my far share of stares and laughs.

Although it seems improbable that there are any more beards and mounstaches for me to do there there will be one more installation of comedy facial hair.

Pictures - click to enlarge
Picture of thin sideburns and triangle goatee - Comedy facial hair
Sideburns and moustache joined together - Comedy facial hair
Difficult to look cool with this facial hair
Definitely from a couple of centuries ago

joined moustaches and goatee - Comedy facial hair
Picture of Prince sideburns
I ate in public looking like this

The artist formally known as Prince

Photograph of stupid beard - Comedy facial hair
Photograph of stupid beard - Comedy facial hair
It is a wonder Barbara would be seen with me
All done with a cut throat