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Well it is about time that I actually tried to grow some your requests. I've tried to accommodate Angela's mutton chops and Mike and Stephen's Ming the Merciless in the one growing session. I'm sorry if these haven't quite turned out the way you expected but I really did try.
Shaving my head was the big thing this time. I have to admit I went through a moment of self-doubt as I waited my turn in the barber. The half muffled sniggers and giggles as I left the barber didn't help one bit.

Another problem has been that since leaving India there has been a dearth of barbers that offer a shaving service and trying to cut a thick beard with a conventional safely razor is just plain impossible. So I've been forced to buy a cut throat razor - no problem there. The fun begins when I start to use the damn thing. Having had no experience with them I can see why nobody but professional use them anymore. Frankly I'm amazed you don't need a license to own one.

I've become pretty hardened to people staring ever since I started this project but the mutton chops just attracted too much of the wrong type of attention. I have to admit that I broke my rule of having each cut for 24 hours, however, each one was brought out in public until I couldn't stand it anymore.

Well I still have enough hair for a few more designs so no doubt you'll see another installment of this over the next month or so.


Pictures - click to enlarge
gPicture of Ming the Merciless beard impression
photograph of bald and biker looking
Ming the Merciless

Picture of Caelen and his first mutton chops
Photograph of true mutton chops

Scary Mutton Chops

Picture of stupid mutton chops
Photograph of more mutton chops
Stupid Mutton Chops
More Mutton Chops