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As much as taking a year's vacation and swanning around the world sounds like great idea, previous experience has shown travel without without goals can be as dull as watching daytime TV for year. The focus of this trip is adventure activities, and this is our adventure travelouge. We're not limiting ourselves to the activities listed here, but these are the ones that we are actively planning on doing.

If an opportune moment happens upon us to jump out of a plane in relative safety or hurtle down a mountain on a rickety bicycle, then rest assured we will take it.

Looking at our plans it would be easy to think that we are a couple of hard bodied, devil may care, extreme 20 year-olds. Unfortunately we just want to be.

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Picture of Caelen and his comedy facial hair - an adventure travelogue
Photograph of Barbara hill walking in Ireland - adventure travelouge
Comedy Facial Hair


Picture of apres ski in Inida - adventure travelogue
Photograph of Barbara after a climb in Krabi - adventure travelogue
Ice and Snow

Rock Climbing