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I know a lot of you have been wondering whether I go out in public with some of the more ridiculous beards. The answer is yes, I wear every beard for at least 24 hours, some of them even for weeks on end (I get lazy). The particularly ludicrous one, called three strikes, I wore for over two weeks. The original plan (thanks to Phil) was to dye it green, white and gold for the Irish matches. Unfortunately this didn't work out as I could not get it done for a reasonable price.

The result of this rather foolish activity is that I have grown used to the jealous stares of baby-soft-skinned Asian men and of women half hiding their sniggers. On the plus side people seem to be friendlier, like I've broken the ice before I've even opened my mouth.

Well I am now clean shaven again, having just gone through Laos immigration. It is one thing having passengers on a train or bus looking strangely at you it is an entirely different thing when passport officials are doing it. So it is time to start the long and itchy growing road, who knows where it will lead. Only one things is for sure - either Mutton Chops or Ming the Merciless will see the light of day in the next month.

Pictures - click to enlarge
Picture of Caelen with three strike beard
Picture of Bob Geldof beard
Three Strikes My Geldof look

Picture of bob geldof bead with no moustache
small beard
GaI never liked moustaches
Or sideburns

Picutre of raspberry ripple beard
Picture of one stipe beard
Raspberry Ripple
One Strike