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I'm sure Barbara is jealous but she is hiding it well. With my latest ludicrous beard I am now attracting more stares from the local population than she is. Regularly people will stop me and congratulate me on my moustache, sometimes even asking if they can touch it. At times it is an object of envy and at other times an object of hilarity. Luckily we are in the silly moustache capital of India (Rajasthan) and locals have their own growth to compare it to.
The idea of shaving oneself out here is a ridiculous one. Indian barbers are not only excellent at the job but charge almost nothing. It takes some time to get used to a strange person holding a cut throat razor against your neck but once you relax into it it is like getting a massage.

Getting a shave costs about 40 cents and takes about half an hour. It can involved up to 5 different creams and potions and generally is something to be savored rather than the usual chore that it is before work.

All these fun and games are going to end for a while, as I've whittled down the beard to nothing. Now it is necessary to go through a month long growing period until I'm ready to go again. By then we will be in South East Asia so I'll have to see what the current fashionable styles are like out there.


Pictures - click to enlarge
Picture of sideburns and beard
picture of a handlebar mounstache
Clean chin Truly ridiculous

Photograph of lemmy moustache
Picture of a long moustache

Photograph of a mountache
Picture of Caelen clean shaven
Gak Clean Shaven