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Comedy Facial Hair

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Not having a job to go to or anyone that I have to impress, other than Barbara obviously, I have decided to embark upon my own private project - the search for the most outrageous facial hair that I can grow. These pages will document my voyage of discovery.

But wait, there is no need to feel left out, you can join in too! Not by growing your own, but by suggesting a new look that I should grow. Mail suggestions to us@ourreallybigadventure.com, and if you can please include a picture. We will try and put all suggestions up on this site.

We know what you're like, and while we will entertain infeasible suggestions we will not entertain suggestions of previous fascist leaders.

Pictures - click to enlarge
Picture of Caelen before this whole comedy facial hair thing
Photograph of Caelen with a full beard
Clean Shaven Full Beard

Picture of Caelen after his first shave
Picture of Caelen after his first shave
First Shave - front First Shave - side

Picture of an adventure beard
Photograph of a beard and a dot
Getting Silly Just a Dot