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I'm not sure how much weight we can carry comfortably, however I'm pretty certain than it is considerably less than everything that we are bringing. Looking back over the list, I have to admit that it looks quite peculiar.

In terms of clothes and the things people would normally bring with them, we are travelling very light. However, other items more than make up for this weight saving. Besides the heavy climbing equipment, there is an old and heavy laptop, which several people have noted suggests an element of folly.

So paying no attention to anyone's advice, we are predictably taking far too much stuff with us to travel comfortably. We are expecting to leave large amounts of equipment in cities and towns, taking with us only what we need for the following week and collecting it upon our return. We may post the camping gear to Australia, as it might be possible to do without in Asia.

I have only included the clothes that I am bringing with me. Barbara will, of course, be bringing her own clothes.

Climbing Equipment

10 Quickdraws
6 Crabs
5 Slings
1 Rope
10 Nuts
5 cams
2 ATCs
1 Nut Key
6 Prussics
2 Pairs rock shoes
1 bag chalk
2 Harnesses
2 Helmets
2 head torch

3 T-Shirts
2 Tech T-Shirts
2 Thermal Shirts
1 shorts
1 Shirt
2 Trousers
5 Jocks
1 Tech Jocks
1 Thermal Trousers
2 Hat
1 Thermal Gloves
1 Pair wrist guards
1 Ski Gloves
3 Socks
2 Pop socks
1 sock liner
2 Hiking sock
1 Jacket
1 Waterproof Trousers
1 Gaiters
1 Pair sandal
1 Pair Boots
1 Pair runners
2 Pair glasses
2 Pair sunglasses Painkillers
1 Pair goggles
1 towel
2 Fleece
2 Moisturiser

Private Toilet
365 Zoton
2PK Gavascon
1 Razor
5 blades
1 Shaving Oil
1 toothbrush

Camping Equipment

1 Tent
1 Stove
2 Pans
1 Fuel bottle
2 Sleeping bags
2 liners
1 Water filter
2 cups
2 spoons
2 knives
2 bowls
2 Sleeping mat
1 Liquid soap
2 head torch
1 First aid kit
1 compass
1 Swiss Army Knife
1 Duct Tape
1 Matches

Computer Stuff
1 Computer
2 Chargers
1 Modem
2 Hat 1 Telephone cord
1 CD walkman
110 CDs
10 Batteries
1 USB Cable
1 Camera bag
2 Filters
1 digital camera

Joint Toilet
1 Toilet Paper
1 Shampoo
1 soap
2 sun cream
1 Vitamins
2 Stomach med
1 Motillium etc
1 toothpaste
2 Moisturiser
1 deet