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July 2002 Headlines

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We have entire countries yet to write about, but we have jobs and we are lazy. Still you never know ...

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Where are we now?
Back in Dublin, Ireland. Our Really Big Adventure is now, sadly, over.
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Welcome to our round the world travelogue, the story of two Irish 30 year olds who dropped it all to go travel the world for a year. This web site was updated twice weekly, from the road and details our thoughts feelings and experiences India through South East Asia, New Zealand and finally South America.

For 365 days we left the security and comfort of our lives in Ireland, in exchange for a round the world ticket with its promise of adventure and excitement. Sounds like a mid-life crisis? Well, you are not too far from the truth. After 5 years of digging into conformist careers it felt as if our youth was rapidly slipping away. If we were to have any chance of travelling the world we couldn�t afford to wait.

The plan, like all great plans, is simple. Travel independently for a year, seeing as much of the world as possible while taking enough time to get the feel of each country. The priority is geographic and cultural exploration, using the medium of adventure sports, in particular rock climbing, as the fulcrum for our travels.

Combine a range of adventure sports with some of the world's remotest travel destinations and serve on a bed of two semi-fit desk jockeys and some would say you have a recipe for disaster, or at least very good insurance.

To make our "Really Big Adventure" a reality it was necessary to wait for the heavens to shift into perfect alignment. After many years of research and pondering over ancient tomes (the "How to Rock Climb" series), we determined that the time grew close. The bursting of the dot com bubble and the collapse of the airline industry finally signalled that, yes, it was time to go and Our Really Big Adventure was born.

Latest Dispatches
Picture of the Hot Rock truck at Socaire - An around the world Travelogue
Camping at Socaire, a high altitude desert (27 Dec - 3 Jan)

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